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Joinings for L, M, and N now available

You can now read about joining letters L, M, and N in The Manual.

Joinings for F through K now available

Details of how to join letters F, G, H, I, J, and K are now available. This part makes clear how H differs from CH.

Joinings for A through E now available

Details of the various joins made by A through E are now available. This includes how to write Ch. Enjoy!

Fully-Written Style Available

Most everything you need to learn the fully-written style of Orthic is now available. I’ll soon be adding the chapter on joining rules, which answers questions you’ll run across in writing like, “If I need to write ‘boat’, how do I tell it from ‘bot’ or ‘bat’?” (You write “bot” then add an A above the end of the O, and so for all OA pairs.)

Introductory Remarks Available

You can now read the introductory remarks to the Orthic manual online. Unlike the public domain PDF, the webpage is searchable and comfortably readable on a phone.