Anki deck now available

Published: Dec 25, 2019 by Jeremy

Example of reviewing the word "great" in Anki v2.1.15 under macOS Mojave.

Download the Shorthand::Orthic Anki deck to study the briefs and affixes from both the Manual and the Supplement. This deck assumes you already have the basics of the alphabet down. (I don’t feel Anki is the best tool for learning a new alphabet, so I didn’t use it for that.)

Anki is a smart flashcard system: it tries to show you a card shortly before you’re likely to forget it, so that time spent reviewing is not wasted on cards you know through and through. When you first load in a bundle of cards, it can feel like a lot of reviews, but once you get through the deck, it settles down a lot. Don’t hesitate to throttle back the number of new cards and reviews to something you feel is manageable, or simply to just not do all the reviews if that’s what makes it workable for you. Coming back every day and spending five minutes quizzing yourself will slowly but steadily grow your vocabulary like magic.