Orthic Shorthand

Light letters, simple shortcuts

Write as fast as you type

Orthic shorthand is a faster way to write. Simply replacing the usual English alphabet with its optimized alphabet will let you write 2–3x your usual handwriting speed. This one change will let you write at 60–90 words per minute!

Orthic replaces the multi-step letters of your preschool alphabet with a Cambridge University-minted alphabet tuned for rapid yet legible writing. It’s quick, compact, and still readable over a century later.

Start learning today!

Want to write even faster?

Once you’ve got the hang of that fully-written style, Orthic’s got extra shortcuts to boost your writing speed. The ordinary style adds abbreviations for common words and endings as well as shortcuts that imply letters without having to write them. It’s designed so you could send a snapshot of your writing to another Orthic writer, or to yourself in ten years, and have no trouble reading what you wrote.

Faster still?

To go even faster, you’ll need to master the extreme shortcuts of the reporting style. This style is not intended to be easily read by anyone other than the original writer: it trades universal comprehensibility for maximal compactness and expressiveness. The top recorded speed was 190 words per minute.

Latest Posts

Teaching Of Transcriptions Now in Navbar

Thanks to the work of Jacob Moena, the Orthic community benefits from clean transcripts of the two Teaching of Orthic Shorthand volumes. These transcriptions were finished in September 2022, and they now receive pride of place alongside the Manual and Supplement in the site navigation, under the new “Teaching” item.

Reporting Psalms PDF Now Available

The final reading pamphlet for the Teaching course, Psalms 66–83 in reporting style, is now available to accompany the second volume of The Teaching of Orthic Shorthand. Many thanks to Reddit user u/brifoz for pointing the way towards this last, elusive book of readings!

Orthic Psalms PDFs Available

Stevens’ renderings of the Psalms, provided as study material to accompany Part 1 of The Teaching of Orthic Shorthand, are now available as three 17-page PDFs: