Orthic Psalms PDFs Available

Published: Mar 24, 2022 by Jeremy

Stevens’ renderings of the Psalms, provided as study material to accompany Part 1 of The Teaching of Orthic Shorthand, are now available as three 17-page PDFs:

  • Psalms 1-20 in full style serves as both exercise book and exam for the completion of Lessons 1 through 3.
  • Psalms 21-39 in ordinary style serves likewise for Lessons 4 through 5.
  • Psalms 40-65 in abbreviated style (also called Supplement style) serves likewise for Lessons 6 through 8, at which point you’re expected to be writing 60 WPM and reading fluently. (Lesson 9 is a capstone with some final guidance and a reminder to review the list of recognized contractions issued by the Society, which list appears to be lost.)

With these volumes, we now have in hand a complete course of study (using 19th Century pedagogy techniques, granted) used in practice to take students to fluency in non-reporting Orthic.

If anyone has a lead on the reporting-style Psalms volume, that list of contractions, or any editions of the Orthic Monthly magazine, please do reach out!