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Complete Supplement now available!

The entire Orthic Supplement is now available. This supplement adds to the manual everything the Orthic community had learned through a year of real-world use. Several shortcuts used in reporting proved robust enough to also be used in correspondence, so this book teaches how to write that more abbreviated ordinary style. It also shares some new tips for keeping up with a fast speaker while writing Orthic.

Complete manual now available!

The entire Orthic Manual is now available. If you were waiting for the whole shebang before diving in, wait no more!

Shortcuts for common word endings now available

You can now study the list of common endings. The ending -ing introduces a new and distinctive Orthic letter, one not found in the fully-written style, that’s also really satisfying to write. Enjoy the speed boost!

Joinings for O through U now available

You can now read about joining letters O, P, Qu, R, S, T, and U in The Manual. The phth and th compounds are two of my favorites. Enjoy!

Adaptations to foreign languages now available

You can now read about using Orthic to write languages other than English. The languages covered are French, German, Italian, Latin, and Greek. It’s remarkable how few changes are needed to adapt an orthographic system to another language, especially when compared to a phonetic system.