Dictionary Search Form

Published: Sep 10, 2021 by Jeremy

The Orthic Dictionary now sports a search form. Type in some letters, hit Search, and the dictionary entries will be filtered down to just the matching entries: those that contain the precise text you searched for. You can search either in the “plaintext” (the English word defined in the entry), or in the Orthic notation given under the entry. If you search Orthic notation, only the examples with notations (and the parent entry, of course) will show up.

While you could always use your browser’s built-in search feature, this actually narrows what you see on the screen, so you can browse only matches, and it ignores any matches elsewhere on the page: it’s a lot easier to search the dictionary for “the” now!

I’m looking forward to using it to find examples of odd joins to review, such as how to write “oa”: https://orthic.shorthand.fun/dictionary?q=oa&in=orthic#dictionary. (As you can see, the URL also updates to reflects the search terms: q=oa => search for oa, in=orthic within the Orthic. This means you can share or bookmark your search results for later.)

Dictionary Search for `oa` within Orthic