New: Reading Material

Published: Mar 4, 2020 by Jeremy

Check out our new Reading Material page! It’s now easier than ever to practice your reading by enjoying some of Aesop’s fables written in the abbreviated style by Callendar or “The Cask of Amontillado” written in the full style by Jeremy. (You’ll also find the page in the Resources list in the menu at the top of every page.)

In addition to those entertaining reads, you’ll find:

  • direct links to the English-language specimens from both Manual and Supplement
  • a link to Stevens’ rendition of the New Testament

Stevens’ writing is a goldmine of advanced abbreviating techniques. (The text was apparently chosen due to ready availability of the key. That has certainly proven a sound bet.)

Smaller changes:

  • The Supplement page now links to the Supplement source PDF
  • The Dictionary now includes all the Manual’s word and phrase images. (Many of the entries still need some work, as evidenced by the frequency of “TODO” in the entries, but the images are there.)
Reading Material: Table of Contents