Easily link a brief

Published: Jan 20, 2020 by Jeremy

Helping fellow writers master Orthic’s shortcuts just got easier: The Manual now sports links for each brief, ending, and joining. The Supplement too now has links to each brief. (It already had links for its endings and beginnings, since they made it to the table of contents.)

The briefs and endings are their own self-links, for easy copy-paste when talking about them with other writers. They also follow a predictable pattern in anchor naming, so that the brief for “down” is at #down-brief and the ending for “ward” is at #ward-ending.

The letters and significant joins have links collected at the top of the “How to Write and Join the Characters” section. These mostly follow the pattern set by “nsp” having the anchor #nsp-join, but some editorial decisions led to names like “U versus EE” (which gets #u-versus-ee-join as its anchor).